I have got a Feature consisting of a few boxes and a context which puts those boxes in the right regions. That works if I install drupal and my theme and activate the feature.

But it does not work if i install it using drush site-install and my installation profile which contains my theme and my feature. I guess this is because the theme gets activated after the feature and so the feature does not know the regions while activating. What would you recommend to solve this? I could remove my feature as a dependency and activate it manually after my theme in myprofile.install, but is there a "cleaner" approach?

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i think doing it in profile.install is clean enough :)
you only set the theme to default in there anyway, dont you ?


I'm guessing you mean "blocks" rather then boxes... It that is the case, you need to also download and Features Extra: http://drupal.org/project/features_extra

Once that is available, enable fe_block. That will add a machine name to your blocks. Fill in the machine name, and once done with that, you will see those blocks "available" when creating/updating a feature.

  • No, I am actually talking about boxes. It is an alternative to standard blocks with built-in features support. I guess you did not read my whole posting ;)
    – phaer
    Commented Apr 4, 2012 at 17:08

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