The content architecture of the site which I am working on is something like:-

  1. Song - Content type
  2. Genre - Vocabulory

Song has an entity reference field which points to the terms in "Genre" vocabulary.

Genre field is added in the view which lists Songs content.
The field result has been rewritten as link which points to the URL pattern : songs/<genre-name> ([field-genre] was used).

The path songs/% is a separate view page, which is supposed to take the "genre name" as contextual filter, and show songs of that particular genre.

Snapshot Here the url gets the taxonomy term name but the title gives %2 instead of the name

Snapshot Override title is %2

enter image description here

The view is working fine but I am not able to replace the title.


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I tried %1 in the override title and it worked.

  • You have to use %1 as views will consider form arg(0) is "song-tracks" and arg(1) is "Romantic"
    – NTT
    Commented Feb 24, 2016 at 12:25

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