I have the following content types which are also organic groups;

Country (group)
Region (subgroup of country)
Area (subgroup of region)
Neighborhood (subgroup of area)
Facilities (subgroup of Neighborhood)

I have a a leaflet map view as an Entity View Attachment with these Entity content settings;

Entity type: Node
Bundles: Country
Arguments: id

I would like create country maps showing all of its corresponding subgroups ie: Regions, Areas, Neighborhoods and Facilities.

Unfortunately I have only managed to get the "Region" content type appearing on the map using the "OG membership: Group ID" as a contextual filter argument and using "current og from context" for "When the filter value is NOT available".

Any ideas for how I can use multiple arguments?

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Querying the configured multiple contextual filter isn't working as i expected first and I spent lot of time to figure out why, then finally the solution was found:

Instead of Content: The name of Taxonomy (taxonomy_vocabulary_#) you need to select Content: Has taxonomy term ID Contextual filter and enable Allow multiple values to able to use multiple values in the form of 1+2+3 (for OR) or 1,2,3 (for AND). If You have another Contextual filter configured, you can separate the query with "/".

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