I'm customizing a node type and need to add a webform using the webform module. How do I add the webform in a custom location without having a machine name for the webform?

In the code below for example, I want to populate body content followed by the webform:

<div id="content">    
    <?php print render($content['body']); ?>
    <?php print render($content['WEBFORM?!?']); ?>

And, yes, I know about displays and how you can change the location of a webform there - my node is too customized.

  • If you are using same webform, you can set default setting at content type. Feb 26, 2016 at 2:39

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You were almost there. Use the following code.

<?php print render($content['webform']); ?>

Bear in mind that if you are rendering the webform before the line containing print render($content);, you would need to hide the output of $content['webform'] first, and then render it manually. In this case the code would be similar to the following one.

// This would go at the beginning of the .tpl.php file, for better readability.
// Hide the webform from rendering, because we will do it manually.
<div class="content"><?php print render($content); ?></div>
<div class="webform"><?php print render($content['webform']); ?></div>

Generally speaking, I think it is a good practice to always hide elements you want to render separately, just in case at some point you move them before the render($content) line.


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