I have added an image field to the comments.

This allows to my visitors to add images with a comment.

But I have annoying "help-block" for the image field in the form of adding a comment.

Drupal help-block for an image field in the Comment Form

How to gracefully to remove this stuff?


Drupal 7

I done it through the node_view_alter hook and my custom theme.

In the theme's template.php file I added the following function

function MyThemeName_node_view_alter(&$build) {
  if ($build['#node']->type !== 'My_Node_Type'){

  // Your image field can not exist while saving comment.
    // We can't use the unset function. Otherwise we can get something like this:
    // Notice: Undefined index: #file_upload_description in theme_file_widget_multiple() (row 863 file .../docs/modules/file/file.field.inc).
    $build['comments']['comment_form']['My_Image_Field']['und']['#file_upload_description'] = NULL;

This removes the entire <p class="help-block">...</p> element.

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