Is there a module available to restrict the shipping of the particular product for particular shipping zone(country)? so that the message would appear and cancel the checkout.

  1. Add a field in variant for shipping restriction countries
  2. Add a rule in with event Collecting shipping rates for an order
  3. Add a php condition to get the line items details from $commerce_order
  4. Check shipping restricted countries with shipping address countries in your php function
  5. Remove the product by commerce_cart_order_product_line_item_delete()
  6. Add an action to show the msg on site

I'm fairly certain there isn't a module that does this. You can build this with rules, but the effect will be very rudimentary.

Create a rule reacting to order updates:

  1. Checks for a particular product included in the order.
  2. Checks to see if a shipping address condition is met.
  3. For your action, display a system message.
  4. Set the status of the order to cart or perhaps checkout:shipping.

That way you wouldn't be able to advance past the shipping status without having it fulfilled.

Not knowing your situation, cancelling an order is a bit extreme, but you could forward the user to a webform, change the status of the order to some new, internal value for review, or even just remove the product from the cart so that the customer can continue.

  • Yes, you are right. I am correcting it, I would prefer to remove that product from the cart so that the user can continue. – dhiraj900 Mar 1 '16 at 4:47

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