I want to add some fields (programmatically from my module) to the content_type "Article".

Is that possible ?

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    why do you want to add fields to article type programmatically when you can easily do it using Field UI by navigating Admin => Structure => Content Types => Articles => Manage Fields?
    – Yogesh
    Feb 29, 2016 at 13:03

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Use hook_entity_bundle_field_info()

Copying from the api docs

function mymodule_entity_bundle_field_info(\Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityTypeInterface $entity_type, $bundle, array $base_field_definitions) {
  // Add a property only to nodes of the 'article' bundle.
  if ($entity_type->id() == 'node' && $bundle == 'article') {
    $fields = array();
    $fields['mymodule_text_more'] = BaseFieldDefinition::create('string')
      ->setLabel(t('More text'))
    return $fields;
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    Should be noted this answer is for Drupal 8. OP doesn't say what version is being used or why the admin UI can't be used.
    – Kevin
    Feb 29, 2016 at 14:21

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