I've tried both 7.x-1/7.x-2 branches of the Media module and can't find a way to set the alt-attribute on a image field using the media-widget.

When I change to the image widget it's possible to set title/alt.


After one whole day of searching and patching without success I finally found out I only simply had to download and enable Token module to make Media correctly set images alt and title attributes when inserting images in CKEditor wysiwyg. I wonder since this is nowhere stated as an requirement. That's the bundle of modules it finally worked with:

Now I even can use the default view mode to display the alt or title attribute below the image to use it as an image caption.


There are two cases using the media file selector widget: in conjunction with fieldS and in conjunction with WYSIWYG editor image insert pop-up.

There are patches to the Media module for each of these that add alt/title text fields in appropriate places.

See http://drupal.org/node/1307054 and http://drupal.org/node/1343022 respectively.


Alt tags and title tags are now available in the 2.x-dev releases of the media module.

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