I'm using devel to find specific fields I'd like to be able to access in a template I have for a user profile page (user-profile.tpl.php)

The field values are present in devel just fine however I'm not sure what to do with the path it gives me.

enter image description here

I see the info I need, (created = 1349810890) and I see a path that devel has given me $...->created but I'm not sure what to replace $... with to get access to that field.

I've attempted the following


And several others with no luck

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Are you operating on the user account object?

If so, it should be:


Which would be used at the template_preprocess function level. From the actual template itself, unless you have intimate knowledge of what was passed to $variables, you will sit there and guess all day long and not get far. Even I am guessing. The only way to know exactly what you have to work with is by using a real debugger.

The best option is implementing a debugger like xdebug so you can get a better idea of whats going on.

It will save a lot of time if you leverage it over devel. You can then set a breakpoint in your template_preprocess function in template.php, inspect all the variables being passed to that appropriate template, and print or modify as you need.

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