I'm trying to create notification emails which are sent when the checkout has been completed. (Drupal Commerce module)

  • I added a rule to send the email to site owner. It works.
  • I created a new rule to send email to to the customer's billing address. I Used [commerce-order:mail] replacement pattern as suggested, but unfortunately the email fails to arrive.

What could cause this problem? I even considered add new data selectors, but couldn't find anything fitting to add.

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  • [commerce-order:mail] will use the email address that is directly attached to the order, not the "billing address". – nvahalik Mar 2 '16 at 12:44

As per one of the comments below this question (which kept showing up as a question with no answers):

It seems that for the email field an additional field was added to customer profile form. Thus obviously it couldn't be accessed.

A solution which works is to continue using the "Account information" checkout pane instead.

Credits: Gugols

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