I am attempting to set a common class if any preface region in my theme appears. I am trying to render this with a variable using set classes = [] in the region template in my theme.

So far I have set a variable in a preprocess region like this:

function gratis_preprocess_region(&$vars) {
  // Check to see if any of the preface regions have content and if so
  // Set a common var for use as a class in the region template.
  if (!empty($vars['page']['preface_first']) || !empty($vars['page']['preface_second']) || !empty($vars['page']['preface_third'])) {
    $vars['preface_region'] = '';

Then in my theme's region template I attempt to render the variable within the set classes area.

  set classes = [
    'region-' ~ region|clean_class,
    region == preface_region ? 'region-preface'

I am pretty sure I am not doing this the correct way though and it does not work.

  • Sorry I think that I miss something, where is defined $vars['page']? By default there is no $vars['page'] in preprocess_region. If 'preface_first' is a block, maybe you want $vars['elements']['preface_first'].
    – Vagner
    Commented Mar 6, 2016 at 15:06
  • I already get that kind of class for any of the preface regions but I am trying to set a common class if it's any of the three preface regions. Commented Mar 6, 2016 at 15:48

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It seems the way to do this was to create a theme hook for all preface regions and then it can have its own template. So first I create an alter preprocess function in my theme's .theme file.

function MYTHEME_theme_suggestions_region_alter(&$suggestions, $vars, $hook) {
  // Print the $vars.

  // Define a var for the #region. 
  $preface = $vars['elements']['#region'];

  // Now check for any of the three preface regions and create a theme hook. 
  if ($preface == 'preface_first' || $preface == 'preface_second' || $preface == 'preface_third') {
    $suggestions[] = 'region' .  '__' . 'preface';

Next, voila, when I look at Twig debug, I see a suggestion for my new theme hook.

   * region--preface.html.twig >> **** This is the new template from the alter
   * region--preface-second.html.twig
   x region.html.twig

Now I can create a common template for all three preface regions with region--preface.html.twig.

Then in the new template, I print the classes like so:

set classes = [
'region-' ~ region|clean_class

This gives me exactly what I set out to do and prints this HTML:

<div class="region region-preface region-preface-second">

Now I can use .region-preface for common theming / HTML for any of the three the preface regions.

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