I have a strange bug where everything is working fine in production, but when I copy (using drush arb) and reinstall the website somewhere else. it doesn't work.

Whenever I try display all products or some corresponding to a taxonomy url. Nothing happen. I mean the result find 0 items and return the message corresponding to the an empty result. It looks like the view is ignoring taxonomy search. I'm trying to debug what's happening but I don't understand how the search work. The view is plugged to use a fullsearch search. However, when doing /products or using a facet, the standard search shouldn't return anything. I expect the search results has be modified to allow either return all result if no search are selected or if we are using a taxonomy alias , example /products?field_product[1]:2, but I can't figure which bit of code do this. Is it suppose to be a standard feature of the search api, is in in view ? drupal commerce ?

Any help, welcome !

  • Maybe you need to re-index after moving your site. Go to Search API settings (admin/config/search/search_api) and index all items. – St0iK Mar 7 '16 at 15:42
  • I've done that as well, but doesn't do anything. I just need to where is the code to use taxonomy search in view. – mb14 Mar 7 '16 at 15:46

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