I am trying to use #states on field_group at node add form.

From the search results I can find a couple of links which shows that hook_field_group_build_pre_render_alter() can make the magic but there is no luck for me.

I try to clear cache and dpm() some message inside the function. It seems the hook function has not been implemented at all.

These are the links I found.


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I have gotten hook_field_group_build_pre_render_alter(&$element) to work. Without seeing an example of your code, it's hard to give any really helpful advice.

Here's an example for a nested fieldgroup made visible when a checkbox field is checked (the checkbox boolean field is "field_primary_not_caller"):

function MYMODULE_field_group_build_pre_render_alter(&$element) {
    //... Detect whether this is the right form...
    $element['group_contact']['group_primary_contact']['#states'] = array(
      'visible' => array(
        '#edit-field-primary-not-caller-und' => array('checked'=>TRUE),

Finally, it's truly worthwhile to invest the time in getting xDebug up and running on your development machine - much better and easier to use than dpm()/var_dump()/etc, can save you hours with stuff like this.

  • Yes. xDebug is better but settings up xDebug is always a nightmare to me.
    – Jimmy Ko
    Apr 24, 2016 at 12:16

After debugging I found that hook_field_group_build_pre_render_alter() is indeed working, but dpm() cannot work inside it at all.

For debugging, you can only use var_dump() or kpr() inside this hook function.

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