I have the following 2 files in 2 different directoties in a custom module directory.


This is my info.yml file (calculator.info.yml)

name: calculator
type: module
description: Calculator
core: 8.x
package: Custom

My css is in the directory modules/custom/calculator/css and js in the modules/custom/calculator/js directory

My libaries file is this: (calculator.libraries.yml)

  version: VERSION
      css/wunderpage.css: {}
    js/wunderpage.js: {}
    js/jquery.matchHeight-min.js: {}

I also have a calculator.module file :


 * @file
 * Contains calculator.module..

use Drupal\Core\Routing\RouteMatchInterface;

 * Implements hook_help().
function calculator_help($route_name, RouteMatchInterface $route_match) {
  switch ($route_name) {
    // Main module help for the calculator module.
    case 'help.page.calculator':
      $output = '';
      $output .= '<h3>' . t('About') . '</h3>';
      $output .= '<p>' . t('Calculator') . '</p>';
      return $output;


  function calculator_preprocess_page(&$variables) {
    $variables['#attached']['library'][] = 'calculator/base-style';

Still my css and js etc is not being loaded.

Somebody knows why my libraries are not being loaded?

  • hook_page_attachments – user21641 Mar 11 '16 at 10:49

Either you made a mistake when copying and pasting that PHP code, or you defined calculator_preprocess_page() as being inside calculator_help(). Also, as Ivan Jaros also pointed out, Drupal 8 requires you to use hook_page_attachments() to attach page-level assets.

I do recommend you add these assets elsewhere in the code, preferably in the render array you build that actually needs the library.

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