I have a view with 2 blocks. One was cloned from the other. I changed the machine readable name of both of the blocks (block_events_upcoming and block_events_upcoming_ical), but in the html i get as id and classes the beautys you see below.

<div id="block-views-d7410a6d5618e2d319a0eaab549b0ff2"
     class="block block--views 

Is there a way to change the ids and classes of the block. The css-class option in advanced settings only changes the css class in the block_content div not the top block-div.

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The HTML ID is generated by concatenating block-view_name-block_name and it seems there's a length limit of 32 characters. My block exceeded that limit. So for me the solution was to shorten the block-machine-name.


Have you tried to give your blocks an id through the 'advanced' fieldset of your view? on the 'other' list of settings. That might do the trick.

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