I am using Drupal 8, and I am wondering how I can clear more caches than the button in admin/config/development/performance does.

I have had trouble with installing Drush, so I am looking for any alternative solutions.


Just execute core/rebuild.php.
As the documentation says, it rebuilds the cache even when Drupal doesn't work; it require a token you can generate with scripts/rebuild_token_calculator.sh, so you call it as http://example.com/core/rebuild.php?token=TOKEN_YOU_GET_FROM_THE_SCRIPT.

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    You can avoid the token by temporarily using $settings['rebuild_access'] = TRUE; in your settings.php, too. Just remember to remove it when you are done as it not safe to leave this unprotected on a live site. – mpdonadio Mar 12 '16 at 23:10

Check out Admin Toolbar for Drupal 8, it emulates all the dev functions from a drop down menu like we had in Drupal 7 from Admin Menu. Be sure to activate "Admin Toolbar Extra Tools" as part of the module.

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That button clears all caches, just like drush would.

The only alternative to that would be to clear the caches directly in the database, which isn't much convenient.

  • The callback attached to that button does a lot more than just clear caches tables in the database. The biggest differences are probably the container invalidation and the router rebuild that get triggered. – mpdonadio Mar 12 '16 at 21:01
  • Oh, and to be extra clear, that button and drush do the exact same thing and eventually call drupal_flush_all_caches(). It is just that there is more to it than simply truncating the {cache*} tables from the database. – mpdonadio Mar 12 '16 at 23:07

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