How to add css to specific blocks or view with CSS injector module?

I can add css to specific pages, but what about blocks, views and all sorts of other nodes?

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I am try already this but i think it would be helpfull

Use php section to add css against any view or block and try this one

if ( $block->module == 'your_block_id/name'){
          //add some code here

Or can do it by add a class in view or block


Using the CSS Injector module, there is not a way to only add CSS to pages that include specific elements such as Views, blocks, etc.

However, that's generally OK. If you're using Drupal's built-in CSS aggregation (and/or Advanced Aggregation), you're really just looking at couple hundred bytes per page, which should be cached by the browser, making those tweaks fairly negligible in terms of page load times.

  • Sorry but I dont' understand that answer at all...so this CAN'T be done? Mar 16 '16 at 3:27

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