I'm building a sidebar for my taxonomy and node pages.

I've got it as

  • Show (View Setup): Taxonomy Terms
  • Unformatted List
  • Show: Fields

  • Relationship: Taxonomy term: Representative node


  • Taxonomy term: Name
  • (Representative node) Content: Title

This works pretty well, each row starts with the taxonomy term name as a link and is followed by a node from that term. The trouble is, it'll only show the first node. How do I get it to display all nodes?

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The Representative node relationship will show you a single representative node for your term, so that's not what you need in this case. Instead, try this:

Relationship: Taxonomy term: Content with term

Your results will now look like this:

Term A

Node 1

Term A

Node 2

Term B

Node 3 etc

Assuming this is not what you want, you can next add some grouping like this:

Under Format: settings set Grouping field Nr. 1 to Taxonomy term: Name. Finally, in Fields, set the Taxonomy term: Name field to Exclude from display. Now you should have a list of node titles grouped by taxonomy term.


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