I installed Drupal 8 and amptheme. I downloaded the AMP module and the library files. When I tried to install the module, I got the following message:

The AMP module requires the PHP AMP library.

The library files are in libraries/amp-library. I think the library location is incorrect.

How do I fix the error?


This module requires the use of Composer to install its libraries. You can learn more about Drupal and Composer on drupal.org's documentation hand book Installing modules' Composer dependencies in Drupal 8. The AMP module project page also has a brief description of how to install on Drupal 8.0.5.

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  • Thank you, I have installed Composer Manager module, but when i run username@locahost:/var/www/SITENAME$ composer drupal-update shows warning like Warning: This development build of composer is over 30 days old. It is recommended to update it by running "/usr/local/bin/composer self-update" to get the latest version. – user49951 Mar 15 '16 at 4:31

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