I have created a rule for sending an email after a new user registered. I would like to add a Rules Condition to send the email to the target based on the selection in the registration form.

For example: if I select the country as india I need to send to [email protected] and for other [email protected].

I have tried adding a condition in To mail receipt address:

$email = ($account->country == 'india'? [email protected] : '[email protected]')
echo $email;

Can you suggest how to handle the scenario?


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You should be able to get this to work by creating a single rule using the Conditional Rules module (and Rules of course). The rule should be trigger by Rules Event "after saving a new user account".

For some samples to put together such rule (in Rules export format), refer to my answer to either of these questions:

The actual Rules Action you want to use, should be pretty similar to the Rules Action included in my answer to "How to send an email via a Rules action using a field key?".

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