I have a custom console command that extends Drupal\Console\Command\ContainerAwareCommand. Inside the command I need to access the container to fetch a service. But now I'm struggling with figuring out how to mock the return value from the container->get command so that I can inject a stub of the actual service the command uses. So how do I set up the unit test?

The code inside the execute() method of my command that somehow needs to be stubbed:

$importer = $this

The unit test class so far looks like this:

namespace Drupal\my_module\Tests\Command\Calendar;

use Drupal\Console\Application;
use Drupal\my_module\Command\ImportCalendarEventsCommand;
use Drupal\Tests\UnitTestCase;
use Symfony\Component\Console\Tester\CommandTester;

class ImportCalendarEventsCommandTest extends UnitTestCase

protected $command;
protected $application;

public function setUp()

    $helperSetStub = $this->getMock('Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\HelperSet');

    $this->command = new ImportCalendarEventsCommand($helperSetStub);

    $this->application = new Application(array('container' => $this->getContainerStub()));

public function tearDown()

public function testItIsAContainerAwareCommand()
    $this->assertInstanceOf('Drupal\Console\Command\ContainerAwareCommand', $this->command);
    $this->assertEquals('fmo:calendar:import', $this->command->getName());

 * @param [string] arg [description]
public function testCanImportCalendarEvents()

    $command = $this->application->find('fmo:calendar:import');
    $commandTester = new CommandTester($command);

    $code = $commandTester->execute(
        ['interactive' => false]

    $this->assertEquals(0, $code);


private function getContainerStub()
    $stub = $this


    return $stub;

But this does not work. There are new dependencies I need to mock. I tried looking through the test folder of the Drupal Console project itself, but could not find any tests for the ContainerAwareCommand in that project either...

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