I would like to be able to create content of a particular type but be able to set multi-level categorisation. But I would like a menu where I can select a category and see all content including child categories as well.


  1. Fruit
    • Local
      • Apples
      • Pears
    • Tropical
      • Pineapple
      • Bananas

'Fruit' menu would show all fruit

'Local' Menu would show all local, apples and pears

'Apple' Menu would only show Apples

I am trying to achieve some thing like this side menu: http://learningexchange.ptc.com/tutorials/by_product/ptc-creo/product_id:1


There won't be a definite answer to this question as this can be achieved in a lot of possible ways. Depending on your knowledge in drupal you could start with the built-in drupal taxonomy system that enables you to classify your content as needed (e.g. with a tree-like-hierarchy or even related terms). To build the menu you can try the taxonomy menu module or use Views to create this manually.

For a start i recommend reading through this overview: https://www.drupal.org/documentation/modules/taxonomy


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