I use the Pathauto module for several uses, such creating URL patterns.

I do want to turn off only the main feature of the module which is --- Auto path creation for nodes... Why? Because some of my H1's aren't in English, but the alias should be English and be setted manually. An efficient solution will be:

  1. Finding a way to disable this specific functionality of the module so I could still use all it's other functionalities, and not lose it completely.
  2. NOT BE ABLE to save the node only until I manually wrote an alias (if I saved it with a no-English alias mistakenly this could be problematic for SEO if I change it after the webpage has already been indexed).

You might came across any solution for this?


I don't know if this is possible without implement the hook_form_alter() function but you can use a different approach to solve the issue.

You can use a custom field instead that the title of the node. Set the field as "Required" and in /admin/config/search/path/patternsset the pattern of the node with the token of the field instead that the title (ie: [node:field-seotitle] ).

In other words:

  • Add a field in your content type, for example: seotitle;
  • Set the field as Required;
  • Go in /admin/config/search/path/patterns;
  • Set the pattern of the your content type where you have add the field with the token of the seotitle field (ie: your-content-type/[node:field_seotitle]);

In this way you can choose a title for the path alias and save the node only until you have a seo-title;

I hope I explained myself.

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