I wonder if it is possible to add a term reference field with just a subset of the available taxonomy terms. Let me explain. I have a taxonomy vocabulary with a structure like this:

- term 1
  - term 1.1
  - term 1.2
  - term 1.3
- term 2
  - term 2.1
  - term 2.2

Then I will create a specific content type and for that content type I will add a term reference field. Instead of referencing the whole vocabulary, I need to add only the options for, say, branch 2. I need to show options term 2.1 and term 2.2. In Drupal 6, the Node Reference field allows me to pull the options from a View. But this is a term reference field (it pulls the options from a given vocabulary) in Drupal 7.

I just want to avoid creating several different vocabularies, one for each content type, since their subject is more or less the same. In the future, I could take advantage of the fact that I have shared this resource instead of having a series of scattered vocabulary sets.

  • Marcos, have you ever achieved desired results with below hints? Asking, because in one content type I need to present a term dropdown only with a specified level depth and started googling around for solutions... Commented Jan 4, 2012 at 0:40

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I think you want the References module. At the moment it dosn't have the views limitation on valid values committed but there is an issue with a working patch which should allow you to do what you want.

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