I have a View block which renders a map through GMap formatter and includes two fields - Company Name and Address. When I export it through features and try to render it on another system, the map doesn't show up. I've given custom height and width and some other configurations in GMap under Configurations > Web Services > GMap. I think the problem is that the configuration settings for GMap are not being exported with the feature. Is it possible? If so, how to export them?

Here's an image of the View enter image description here


I found from my seniors that these configurations (in this case GMap configurations) are stored in variables and Strongarm module can be utilised to export them. After enabling Strongarm module, these variables will be available for exporting under Strongarm Feature Component in Features UI. The other system/environment on which these variables need to be imported will also need to have Strongarm module enabled.
Though these configurations were exported from my system and imported on the other system properly, the map still didn't show up on the other system, the reason being that the devel generate module which we were using to generate content of Contact content-type was unable to generate dummy latitude and longitude for the Location field (enabled through Location module). I entered those latitude and longitude values manually, saved the changes and vola! the map was rendered.
Note: In my case, I wasn't using a Google Maps API key so that wasn't a problem.

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