Context keyword sunstitutions for the node being displayed are showing up blank!

Latest drupal installation with Dev versions of Panels, Panelizer, ctools, etc...

I have a node type that has 2 entityreferences to 2 other node types. One of the fields in the main nodetype is "field-location-detail", which is -not- present in any other nodes. I set up Panelizer to handle the Full Content Display & also set up relationships to the other entities. When I try to use the context keyword "" in a Custom Content Panel, nothing shows up.

First indication of the problem is that on the Context screen, the same keyword/field shows up multiple times:

Summary of contexts
Built in context    This node
  %node:field_location_detail --> Where in this location?
  %node:field-location-detail --> Where in this location?
From "This node"    Node from Node (on Node: Select a Location [field_event_location])
  %node:field_location_detail --> Where in this location?
  %node:field-location-detail --> Where in this location?

Then, when I captured the data going through function ctools_context_keyword_substitute($string, $keywords, $contexts, $converter_options = array()), the problem becomes clear. The 3 objects passed in the $contexts argument have keywords of "none", "node", & "node_2". So the local context variables are always overwritten.

I guess that the root problem is that the keyword being assigned isn't incremented initially, so it starts from "node" in stead of "node_1".

Anyone knows where that should happen?

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