I have created a rss feed in a view and it's displaying too much information.
I found out that I could exclude certain fields from the feed by clicking the exclude boxes at admin/content/node-type/[content type here]/display/rss.

My problem is this: each feed displays a heading (which is a link) and underneath that there is a date (and the rest of the information below that). This seems to be the post date for the content type.

I would like to get rid of this date (it's confusing since the content type is an event which has its own date and they don't correspond). How can I do this?

Is the only way to fix this by editing the php code somewhere? I did notice that if I click on the theming: information (in the basic settings in the view) it lists some files for style output (such as views-view-rss.tpl.php) and row style output (such as views-view-row-rss.tpl.php).
Is this where I need to start?


Here's a solution for exactly that setup. (The fields you can control under display/rss are only the CCK fields, not the XML element you want to remove from the feed).

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