I have many servers installed on the same network, and I want to check them all to see if they need updates. This requires me to login to each server and run drush up and check the results.

Can someone suggest a better way to do this, maybe a script or something similar?


You can add Drush Aliases for each site, and then add an alias containing all your sites.


$ drush @allsites up

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First step: upgrade to drush-5.x-dev. Next, make one alias file per site called SITENAME.aliases.drushrc.inc, placing each in a valid location for aliases. Inside each of these, define your alias for your live site in a consistent way:

$aliases['live'] = array(
  'uri' => ...
  'root' => ...

In drush-5.x-dev, any operation on the special group alias @live will execute on all aliases named "live", so you can just do this:

drush @live --no pm-updatecode

That will give you a nice report tagged with the name of each of your live sites. On Drush 4 (or Drush 5), you can also explicitly define an alias list:

$aliases['all-live'] = array(
  'site-list' => '@site1.live', '@site2.live'

The usage of this alias would then be the same as before:

drush @all-live --no pm-updatecode

In order for this to work seamlessly, you will also need to set up ssh keys on your remote systems so that Drush can connect without a password. There's a lot of good documentation on how to do this, such as http://www.debian.org/devel/passwordlessssh. Also, the drush-extras project has a Drush command that will help push public keys to remote servers.

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  • Also try the new status-report command in drush-5, which will give you a quick way to view the status report page of your remote sites. – greg_1_anderson Jan 13 '12 at 0:09

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