Is there a straightforward way to change the summary/trimmed text to "full html" in Drupal 8?

There are workarounds such as creating separate body fields and using them as the summary but I am specifically asking about changing the text format of default summary/trimmed field of "Text (formatted, long, with summary)".

To put it another way, how to I add the CKEditor bar to the summary/trimmed text.


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You can't, it always has the same format. The field only stores a single format. And it has bugs with ckeditor, as you've found.

I would definitely recommend to use two fields. We'd like to remove the text with summary field type, it's unnecessary complexity but it was too late for 8.x.


Try this in the twig template, works for me.

    {% autoescape false %}
      {{ node.body.summary}}
    {% endautoescape %}

So the key here is that the summary field will run the text through whatever filters you have enabled for the text format of the long text portion of the field.

I was able to add a <p> tag around my summary by enabling the Convert line breaks into HTML (i.e. <br> and <p>) filter.

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