I created a site using an IP address and imported a live site on another server, then I made the domain name live on the new server created with the IP address. Since then I get permissions error for the admin when logged into the domain name/ url. However if the same admin logs in using the IP address, I can see the broken links report. Otherwise it says I don't have permissions. I'm trying to reset the root domain url but uncommenting it in the settings file doesn't fix the permissions issue. I think it is something deep in the DB

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Check https://www.drupal.org/node/776864 under Troubleshooting - No user login. It might help.

Basicly, it says Enable clean URLs, check Apache config, check .htaccess, you probably want to uncomment rewritebase. Also check that "$cookie_domain" is not set to your old domain.

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The main places that the domain will be affected are:

1) DNS

2) .htaccess - Look for the RewriteBase setting AND RewriteEngine on

3) settings.php - Look for $base_url and $base_path

Don't forget to clear the cache after you change these settings. If you can't access the site, use drush cc all or login to your database and truncate all tables that start with cache_ (sometimes clearing the cache still leaves persistent entries).

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