Looking for a way to export menu configuration. The Configuration management system will export the menu itself, but not the menu links configuration. I am looking for a way to put one of those mega menus into version control to import/export through multiple environments.

If anyone has found a good way to do this. I would be greatly appreciative.


Menu links can come from 3 sources:

  • Views module (these can be exported when the view config is exported)
  • .links.yml file in a module (not possible to export)
  • Created menu links (Is content entities, like nodes, users, etc and is not possible to export)

I'm guessing you are creating menu links via interface, which is content. The config system can't export content, which is by design. If you wanted to synchronize content, you would need to look at the Deploy module suite. I'm not sure how well this is working atm, since it's still in alpha.

  • Thank you for the explanation. I understand the reasoning, that menu links can reference paths which Drupal assumes are nodes and that nodes are not config and are therefore non exportable via config-export. I wish it were otherwise and haven't ceased to search for ways to do this. – Emanegux Nov 30 '16 at 16:48

Check the Config Menu Link module.

  • Tested it on a D8.6 and would not recommend it. Would not see this as a stable solution. Had to uninstall after some nasty errors. – Stef Van Looveren Mar 13 at 13:28

There's also Menu Import and Export:

This module helps in exporting and importing Menu Items among cloned sites which is not possible using CMI.

This module exports the menu entity as config YAML and will be imported on subsequent instances.

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