I need to create a content type where users will be able to create a tiered structure. This will be generated into a PDF and displayed using the Drupal templating system as well. I will need some sort of multi-valued field so that the user can add as many items as they like. I need the content structure to look like this:

  • Content Title

  • Custom Category Title

    • Custom item
    • Custom item Subheading
      • Custom subitem 1
      • Custom subitem 2
  • Another Custom item


I'm considering Multifield (We've used field collection before and had issues with translation)

Or possibly a Custom Field type

If I used multifield, one option might be to have the user specify these things for each item ( Is it a subitem parent?, Is it a subitem?, If it is, what is it's parent?)

This is Drupal 7 and we'll be using Entity translation to handle translating this content type for all of our domains.

  • Paragraphs like Stephanos mentioned or have a look at the field collection module. Apr 1 '16 at 0:42

I would definitely suggest using paragraphs, it's a killer module for multi-valued, arbitrary ordered fields inside content types.


Thanks for the suggestion Stefanos. I did try the paragraphs module and it looked very promising...until I tried to use it with Entity Translation, then everything went to hell in a handbasket. I downloaded a stock version of Drupal and Paragraphs to confirm this was the issue.

I just wanted to leave this for others who stumble upon this. While paragraph looks like a great module, it doesn't meet my requirements for Entity Translation. Also it looks like they're mostly focused on the d8 version, so it looks like the Entity Translation Issue may not be addressed for a bit.

I create two versions for the users to test one using the Multifield module, which worked nice with ET, but in contrast to field collection can't do multi-valued fields inside of itself.

The second version users actually liked better which was just a taxonomy vocab, term reference, and entity reference. So, no new modules and they were able to simplify the structure a bit.

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