I have implemented the functionality on flag link click the content are unpublished and click on unflagging the content are published. By using the Rules module.

But this time I want to implement same functionality without using rules module and instead using custom coding.

Any suggestions?

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Any module may react to a piece of content being flagged by implementing hook_flag(). Here is the relevant do so:

mymodule_flag($action, $flag, $content_id, $account) {
  if ($action == 'flag') { // Or $action == 'unflag'.
    // Do something in response to the flagging.

  if ($flag->name == 'yourflagname') {
    //Your custom code to unpublish/publish the content goes here.


Source: "Responding to a flagging", located within the Flag's community documentation.

  • thanks Pierre, In First condition What Code I am write Publish/unpublish query or another code Apr 1, 2016 at 8:41

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