I want to let my customers only edit nodes that have a specific taxonomy term.

For example i have user TimCook from company Apple. He got the role "customer" and i want to give him the right to edit nodes only with the taxonomy term "apple" of the vocabulary "company".

I didn't find any module for this. Maybe there is one, or someone has a hint where i should start to make an own module.


Taxonomy Access Control Lite module should help you.

This node_access module governs access to nodes based on the taxonomy terms applied to the nodes. A simple scheme based on taxonomy, roles and users controls which content is visible.

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Taxonomy Access Control

You may set permission to allow users in role "apple" have the right to view, update or delete nodes with an "apple" term.

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  • No i have 1000 taxonomy terms / customers so i would have 1000 roles. – Mick Apr 4 '16 at 17:11

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