I have read that I can add js and css file via .info files. Can I add external css and js files there as well? Eg http://somewhere.com/in_a_galaxy

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External JS/CSS files can't be specified in the info file at all. You need to add them via hooks, typically I use THEMENAME_preprocess_page() for things that need to be included on all pages, or you can use drupal_add_js() in your .module file.

And you can refer to this page. Here you can see how many ways you can add script/css files.

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To add external javascript.

drupal_add_js('http://example.com/example.js', 'external');

To add external css.

drupal_add_css('https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Droid+Serif:regular', 'external');
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