So I wrote a custom module for displaying popular nodes, that is based on the buzzworthy module, but with a few tweaks. Buzzworthy has dependencies with the core statistics module.

The results are inaccurate, because when I compare with google analytics, GA yields different results. I know that GA has a latency issue, so it's like comparing apples and oranges, but another reason I know the list that my custom module displays is incorrect, is because it shows a blog post having waaaaaay more page views than it does normally.

Has anybody else had trouble with the accuracy produced by the statistics module? Is there a reason why my counts are incorrect?


There are many reasons the counts from different web counters are off (I had a former boss drive me nuts with that back in 1998 ...):

  • statistics module increments page counts on every reload
  • when a page is cached it might not increase the statistics counter, depending on the caching used. GA does increase because it's based on browser page loads
  • GA doesn't increase when bots are visiting your site (because they don't execute javascript)

I usually rely on GA for my business reports and just use statistics to show counts for my users.

You could also use the Google Analytics module to import GA numbers back into Drupal.

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