I recently made changes to template and node.tpl files for my theme. Is there a recommended way of implementing preprocess changes as to not hard code them into these files (in case of theme updates) or am I going to have to re-code them after theme udpates?


In an ideal world, you would create a sub-theme off of your master theme. For example, most people don't use the Omega or Zen themes directly; rather they use the starter kit which is included as the basis for the sub-theme.

The sub-theme will inherit features from the base theme, but allow you to customize as needed. When the base theme gets updated, the sub-theme doesn't get touched.

Whether you can retrofit your theme to actually be a sub-theme depends on your situation, but I suspect it is possible.

  • I use adaptivetheme... which is the core for pixture_reloaded theme... so I would only make changes to the pixture_reloaded theme in my case? EDIT: Just found a possible issue, I have to edit the node.tpl file... and the sub-theme doesn't have one. – Mechaflash Jan 13 '12 at 22:04
  • When a sub-theme doesn't have a file, it uses the one from the bases theme. You can copy that one into your sub-theme, and then edit it. – mpdonadio Jan 13 '12 at 22:22

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