Using Context, can I move a node's menu to a different region?

Or more specifically, from inside hook_context_page_reaction(), can I get access to the page's render array to move items between regions?

I'm working with this below.

 * Implements hook_context_page_reaction().
function context_movemenu_context_page_reaction()

    $node = node_load(menu_get_object()->nid);
    if ($plugin = context_get_plugin('reaction', 'context_movemenu')) {

and using this execute() method. I'm just dumping all incoming args to see what I can send over.

function execute() {

Am I approaching this from the wrong location? Ideally, this sites has most of it's configuration in context. The site owner likes that workflow.

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You could place all blocks in template_preprocess_page with

$variables['page'][$region_key] = array();
$variables['page'][$region_key][]['#markup'] = $region_content;

Seeing your edit, you can check for the plugins blocks like this

$context_content_bottom = array();
  $blocks_content_bottom = array();

  // Blocks that are assigned to the region using Context
  if ($plugin = context_get_plugin('reaction', 'block')) {
    $context_content_bottom = $plugin->block_get_blocks_by_region('content_bottom');

  // Blocks that are assigned to the region using the blocks interface
  if ($blocks = block_get_blocks_by_region('content_bottom')) {
    $blocks_content_bottom = $blocks;

  // Merge them together
  $vars['region']['content_bottom'] = array_merge($context_content_bottom, $blocks_content_bottom);

Taken from here

but why not do it in the UI ?? just place the block several times under opposed conditions

  • Why not the UI!! So I'm having a dumb day. I got lost in the rabbit hole of this. Thank you for pulling me back up. Right answer: The UI! Upvote.
    – Rick
    Commented Apr 5, 2016 at 19:57

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