I'm looking for ways to implement an e-commerce for an organic farmer who sells their products, he offers products and product bundles. Every product bundles has its own price. Each bundle are predefined products group. But I want that when the user buys, can unchoose at most, two products of the bundle and change them for another product in a predefined group of products.

I wonder if anyone knows how I can work this way the product bundles. I've been searching, I saw Tech Talk about commerce bundles, I tried commerce_bundle... but I can't find anything to do this.

Any idea or clue is welcome!

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My solution goes here based on Drupal Commerce-

Step 1: Create Product Bundles using Commerce Bundle module. (which you already know).

Step 2: Now you have bundles. The next step is your custom functionality to swap at most two products from the bundle.

Add a new step to your checkout process to implement the custom functionality refer Add a new step in Commerce checkout, explore commerce_checkout.api to get the hold on this.

Adding a new step is nothing but adding a new pane (inside a checkout page) in a Drupal Commerce checkout process where you can list the products in the cart and process them using hook_form_alter(). Refer this link for more details hook_form_alter.

You can make use of hooks provided by Drupal Commerce such as commerce_cart.api, commerce_order.api to edit/update the cart.

Step 3: After processing the cart contents you can update the order details/status using commerce_order.api.

You can alter the checkout pane settings from Home » Administration » Store » Configuration » Checkout Settings page.

Note: You must have Drupal 7 module development knowledge to implement the above solution.

I hope this helps! Thank You.

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