I'm trying to find a way to filter Views through contextual filters based on custom taxonomy term fields. Here is an example:

Content type: Article
Taxonomy vocabulary: Tags
Tags custom field: UniqueString

When I create an article, I assign tags to it. To every tag (taxonomy term) I assign an unique string. Example:

Article title: John Smith's best songs
Tags: John | Guitar
UniqueString for tag John: uid1
UniqueString for tag Guitar: uid2

Now I want to display articles that are tagged with both John and Guitar. This works:

Contextual filters:

Content: Has taxonomy term ID
Content: Has taxonomy term ID

View page path: views/taggedby/%/%

Path views/taggedby/john/guitar will display:

John Smith's best songs

However, I want to filter based on UniqueString value and not on tag names:


Content: Taxonomy terms on node

Contextual filters:

(term) Taxonomy term: UniqueString
(term) Taxonomy term: UniqueString

View page path: views/taggedby2/%/%

Path views/taggedby2/john/guitar will display an empty view. What's confusing is that everything works when there is only one filter and the path is views/taggedby2/%, so there has to be a way to make it work with multiple filters as well. E. g. if I change View page path to views/taggedby2/% and use guitar as an argument, it will display:

John Smith's best songs

How to make it work with two (or more) arguments?

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I have finally found a solution - it's necessary to add another relationship for the same field :

Content: Taxonomy terms on node, Identifier: term
Content: Taxonomy terms on node, Identifier: term2

The second contextual filter should use the second relationship (term2) and then everything works as expected.

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