Situation: D7 Text field on a content type.

User enters something like: b52

I want it stored in the database as: B-52

I have a function that does the regex. I just don't know where to process the input before it goes in the database.

Don't want to install Field Validation or do any validation forcing a User to "correctly" format their own data. I just want to catch their input, modify it, and save it in the database as so.

What hook do I use and can it be done in the theme?

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OK figured it out.

hook_node_presave() is what I want and it can only be called from a module I think.

Found the answer here: node_presave doesn't work

function nodepresave_node_presave($node){
  drupal_set_message('nodepresave DEBUG: PRESAVE Called');
  if ($node->type === 'vehicle') {
    drupal_set_message('nodepresave DEBUG: node->type === vehicle');

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