I want to create a role in Drupal. I want create role assign to specific user. Specific user can create only user and not anything.

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  • function contentalter_form_alter(&$form, &$form_state, $form_id) { //Check with your form_id if ($form_id == 'model-node-form') { unset($form['author']);//remove authoring unset($form['menu']);//remove menu options unset($form['options']);//remove publishing options unset($form['comment_settings']);//remove comment settings unset($form['path']);//remove url path settings (if path module is enabled) unset($form['log']);//log box unset($form['body_filter']['filter']);//remove input format } } – maheshsingh Apr 21 '16 at 6:47

Go to admin/people/permissions/roles and create your role. Then go to admin/people/permissions and uncheck all the permission for the new user and check the Administer users permission in the User section:

enter image description here

To uncheck all the permission I can sugest you the use of the Permission Select module.

Permission Select is a module that allows for quicker editing of role permissions on /admin/user/permissions.

And as Pierre Vriens says in his comment:

"do not grant ANY permissions to authenticated users". Because any user with permission to create users is also an authenticated user.

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    Shouldn't this be combined with "do not grant ANY permissions to authenticated users"? Because any user with permission to create users is also an authenticated user. Get my point? – Pierre.Vriens Apr 10 '16 at 6:40
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You can create roles in drupal 7 on admin/people/permissions/roles. Then assign the permissions that you want to that role.

There is a permission called "Administer users" but be careful because it can have security implications. Make sure that it only does what the user is supposed to do: test it!

Otherwise you could create your own permission with hook_permission and decide exactly what permission you want to grant.

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