In Drupal 7 I put in settings.php this:

$base_url = 'http://mysite.local';

And when I run:

$ drush uli

The url generated will be fine.

In Drupal 8 I check and still there.

But in my Drupal 8 site, when I try run: $ drush uli

I got:

mysite does not appear to be a resolvable hostname or IP, not starting browser. You may need to use the --uri option in your command or site alias to indicate the correct URL of this site.                          [warning]

I know I can do this: $ drush uli --uri='mysite.local'

But much work.

Too I can do this with some drush config.

Then, how I do this like Drupal 7 in settings.php?

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Since Drupal 8 uses Symfony's request stack which generates the base url, some things are not possible to do in the same manner as was possible in Drupal 7.

Instead create sites/default/drushrc.php and add


$options['uri'] = 'http://mysite.local';

and you should be fine.


@googletorp's answer led me in the right direction (thank you!), but was not the correct answer for me. I am on Drupal 8.6 and drush 9.7. Instead of a drushrc.php file, a drush.yml file was needed.


specifically, this configuration within it (options is a top-level element):

  uri: 'http://mysite.local'

There was already a drush.yml file located at /drush/drush.yml so this is the one I used.

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    Hmmm I can confirm drushrc.php no longer works and also the config path /sites/default/drush.yml is no longer included by drush so it doesn't look like there's a clean way to commit this setting to version control any longer. Sep 18, 2020 at 8:56

for drupal 8.9 and drush 9.7.2

In the outputted list from

drush status

you will see: "Drush configs". It shows the path or paths to drush configuration files. i.e. /var/www/mysite/drush/drush.yml

in that file you can add:

  uri: 'http://mysite.local'

drush should pick it up immediately, or after

drush cc drush
  • Very helpful as of Dec. 2020. Mine shows two files: one in home/ directory; another in the project's vendor/ directory. So for those using composer, it may be the vendor/ one, which may/may not be wise to edit.
    – BWagner
    Dec 11, 2020 at 17:57
  • You can also add an additional site specific drush config to define your site uri. See drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/263954/… for details. Nov 24, 2021 at 15:29

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