I have put two identical pane views (an original display along with a clone) on the same page. I needed two copies because each view has its own set of exposed filters, so they can display different nodes side-by-side.

The views consist of multiple editable fields that seem to be identical comparing to the other view so they have even the same element IDs..

As a result, ckeditor which is the default wysiwyg editor only loads on the first view, giving me the following error on console:

Uncaught The editor instance "edit-field-e1-0-field-e1-und-0-value" is already attached to the provided element. ckeditor.js?o5iwm7:286 

How can I prevent this? Is there a way to set different ids on cloned displays?

If I recreate the same display manually, would it be any difference? (its a huge display)

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To counter this, I had to clone every field in the second display only to force Drupal to assign different element IDs to each one. Then I deleted the initial fields.


views-field views-field-field-e1 

changed to

views-field views-field-field-e1-1

letting the Ckeditor to render the rich text editor on every instance.

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