So what I am searching for is a module that gives us the exactly same functionality that we already have with the image tool in Drupal 8 in the WYSIWYG editor. And that should be working with just uploaded videos. I found that this module should be doing it for D7 - https://www.drupal.org/project/video

And also this module https://www.drupal.org/project/video_embed_field is doing it for D8, but only for videos from per say YouTube, Vimeo etc.

So please let me know if you found a way to add a similar to the image (see attached screenshot) but for video

enter image description here

Cheers and thanks in advance!


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For simple solution Just get video_embed_field which includes module Video Embed WYSIWYG Enable both of them. You will get options to configure your WYSIWYG here admin/config/content/formats/manage/full_html. Just add the Video button in toolbar and checked the option Video Embed WYSIWYG. I hope you get what you want. Thanks

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