I have a rule set up that uses the following action:

After updating existing content of type

It's working fine when a node is updated, but I just discovered that this rule also fires when nodes of the specified type are deleted. This makes sense, since changing the status of a node is technically an update, but this is not the desired effect as emails should not be sent when the node is deleted.

I added a small chunk of PHP inside the email generated by the rule to see what the value of $node->status is in this rule, but it is still 1, not 0 as I expected.

How can I use the 'After updating existing content of type' event, but not have it react when a node of that type is deleted?

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Have you tried adding a rules condition for the published status of the updated node? That should stop the rule from firing.


I dont think it will react on node deletion also, as I had tested it.

'After updating existing content of type' event it will use hook_node_presave(), so it will never trigger hook_node_delete()

Have a look on any other Rules overriding that.

  • Taking about "testing it": me too (so I agree)! Have a look at this answer for an extremely basic rule I created for my testing ... PS: sorry I cannot +1 your answer anymore ... (I already did). Feb 3, 2017 at 17:40

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