I have a select list which has the following values where the key values are the same name as the css class name.


  • prim-blue|Blue
  • prim-black|Black
  • prim-orange|Orange

We also have a text field which is surrounded by the following div tag below. Before the page renders, we want to take the value from list1 and assign it as a class to the div tag. We need assistance in figuring out how to get this to work using a preprocess hook.

prim-blue {
   //some attribute
prim-black {
   //some attribute
prim-orange {
   //some attribute

/*field div tag */
<div id="target-element"> <h1> Some text values </h1> </div>

Desired results (when page renders):

**Assume list1 is set to Blue (key: prim-blue)

<div id="target-element" class="prim-blue"> <h1> Some text values </h1> </div>

Note (to provide more context):

I am using the paragraph module which a bundle that has a background color for list1 and the text field. Then on the basic page content type, i added a paragraph field.

Paragraph bundle fields:

  1. text (field_text)
  2. background color (field_bkg_clr) <-- the drop down list1

Basic Page content type:

  1. Header (field_pr_hdr, which is of type paragraph)

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I have used the Field Formatter CSS class module for the same task. The client wanted to have predefined colors for heading elements in paragraph bundles. I have to admit this seems like an amendable approach, but it worked.

I had set up a vocabulary for the color names list and referenced this in the paragraph bundle as a select list (taxonomy term reference). In the display settings for the field is css-class selected. The format settings are set to target tag = entity.

This results basically in following markup:

<div class="entity entity-paragraphs-item paragraphs-item h1-colorclass-red">
    <div class="field-name-field-heading">This is a headline</div>


.h1-colorclass-red .field-name-field-heading {
    color: red;
  • I was able to use hook_prerender and hook_preprocess to take the values from the select list and using the "#prefix" and "#suffix" attribute to set the values. Commented May 13, 2016 at 17:35
  • yes that is a good option. Another option i found was to use hook_preprocess and hook_prerender to take the machine values of the select list and add it to the field using the "#suffix" and "#prefix" attributes Commented May 13, 2016 at 17:37

If you are fine with adding the classes to some wrapper all you need is hook_preprocess_HOOK.

This one adds the class retrieved from a select list field of the paragraph item to the paragraph item wrapper. I guess that's exactly what Field Formatter CSS Class is doing.

 * Implements hook_preprocess_HOOK().
function MYTHEME/MYMODULE_preprocess_entity(&$variables) {

  $my_field_name = 'field_MYSELECT';
  $my_paragraph_bundle = 'foo';

  $element = $variables['elements'];
  if ($element['#entity_type'] == 'paragraphs_item' && $element['#bundle'] == $my_paragraph_bundle) {
    foreach ($element[$my_field_name]['#items'] as $item) {
      $variables['classes_array'][] = $item['value'];

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