One of my webform component is using Webform Encrypt. The Encrypt feature is from Encrypt and Key modules. I set the key and encrypt as following. Everything is working fine in the submission data, but how can I decrypt the encrypted data if I send the data to someone? I have been searching this for days with no solution. Some online AES calculator has "IV" input and I don't know where to get that information.

type type: AES Encryption
key size: 256
key provider: file
file location: something/encrypt_key.key with based64-encoded

General setting: enabled
Encryption Method: Mcrypt AES (CBC mode)
Key Provider: Key module(It's the key I made from Key module)

--- update question --- Apr 14th 12:24pm
How the person decrypt the data when I sent the encrypted data to him/her?

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    It's encryption. They need to use the same libraries and have access to the secret keys.
    – tenken
    Apr 14, 2016 at 16:29

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You can call the decrypt() function as seen in _webform_encrypt_decrypt_nested_values:

 * Helper function to recursively decrypt values in a webform structure.
function _webform_encrypt_decrypt_nested_values(&$element, $key = '#default_value', $restrict = array()) {
  // Determine if we are checking access.
  $access = empty($restrict) ? TRUE : user_access('view encrypted values', $restrict['account']);

  // Loop through each item and decrypt the value.
  foreach (element_children($element) as $name) {
    $component = &$element[$name];
    if (!empty($component['#webform_component']['extra']['encrypt'])) {
      if (is_array($component[$key])) {
        foreach ($component[$key] as &$value) {
          $value = $access ? decrypt($value, array('base64' => TRUE)) : t('[Value Encrypted]');
      else {
        $component[$key] = $access ? decrypt($component[$key], array('base64' => TRUE)) : t('[Value Encrypted]');

    // Recurse if the current item has children.
    _webform_encrypt_decrypt_nested_values($component, $key, $restrict);

So in your own code you want to call something like decrypt($value, array('base64' => TRUE)) where $value is (saved) encrypted webform submission data.

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