Taxonomy vocabularies are in the CMI as of Drupal 8, but I want to also keep the Taxonomy terms in code. I am programmatically creating terms in a custom module.

function taxonomy_vocab_install() {
  foreach (taxonomy_term_info() as $term_info) {
    $term = Term::create(array(
      'parent' => array(),
      'name' => $term_info['name'],
      'description' => [
        'value' => $term_info['description'],
        'format' => 'full_html',
        'vid' => 'department',

Now, I want to delete the terms on uninstall, but taxonomy_term_delete is depreciated. Any help on how to programmatically delete the created taxonomy terms in D8 when the module is uninstalled would be greatly appreciated.

function taxonomy_department_uninstall() {
  // ?? 

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I did not test it myself, but as far as I see in the documentation, Term is using Entity::delete(). You might try to load the terms you wish to delete and call this method directly on them:

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    Another option is to call the storage handler's delete method on an array of entity ids. I do not have any metrics about performance, but my gut feeling is that this would be faster.
    – mradcliffe
    Apr 14, 2016 at 20:45
  • 1
    Deleting multiple terms at once would definitely be faster, but not that $storage->delete() expects an array of entities, not ids.
    – Berdir
    Apr 14, 2016 at 21:46

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