I have installed qTip (Stylish jQuery Tooltips) module v7.x-2.0-rc3, but I cant get it to work on a content type create form.

The steps I've followed are the following:

  1. Install and enable qTip module along with Fields sub-module.
  2. Create a new qTip instance with the default and simplest options.
  3. Go to my content type and manage a Long text field with a text-area widget.
  4. Enable the qTip Settings for it. Set it to Custom Text and fill in a sample text. Select my previously created qTip instance.
  5. Press Save and clear all caches.

However when I go to the form (Content -> Add Content -> My_content_type) the qTips are nowhere to be seen. I've tried to hover over the label and the text editor. Nothing shows up.

On the other hand when I preview my instance the qTip appears normally:

Instance preview

Am I missing something here?


I found no solution why this was happening, so I had to switch to Form Tips which worked flawlessly along with some custom CSS theming.

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